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10 CCTV Cameras stolen from JP Setu in Patna

Unidentified criminals took ten CCTV cameras introduced on the 4,556 km-long JP Setu in Patna, an authority said on Thursday.

CCTV cameras were introduced to screen traffic development, mishap and street burglary of the exceptionally significant JP Setu, situated on the Ganga stream, associating state capital Patna to North Bihar by means of Saran and Vaishali locale.

There were 12 CCTV cameras introduced on this span which is associated with the control room of Gandhi Maidan Patna. As the live gushing of ten CCTVs was ill-advised, it was accounted for to the central command. At the point when a police group arrived at the JP Setu, they observed that ten CCTV cameras were feeling the loss of,” the authority of Patna control room said, mentioning obscurity.

In spite of the police groups from Patna and Saran areas being positioned on the two sides of the extension, the cheats had the option to take the CCTV cameras.

“Over the most recent couple of days, the perceivability in the district has been extremely low because of thick mist. The cheats might enjoy taken benefit of it and executed the wrongdoing,” he said.