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Brooklyn Nets ahead by 2-0 against Milwaukee Bucks

Nets defeat Bucks and lead by 2-0

When Steve Nash was trained to join the Brooklyn Nets Super Team last year, it was shocking and controversial. The hiring decision still has a long way to go, but the first playoff game on the bench was impressive. Mike Budenholzer, coach of the year against the fiercely competitive Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Playoffs series.

Brooklyn led 2-0 after winning 125-86 in the second game on Monday. At home, Nash is talented; Kevin Durant in the second game with 18 shots and 32 points could make any coach look good, but Nash is good at managing and motivating his team, especially James Ha Den was uncertain after losing due to a hamstring injury.

Together with Harden, Nash explained the importance of the number of shots against the Bucks. In the three regular season games between the two teams, Milwaukee made 37 more shots. Even with an impressive offense like the Nets, it cannot survive. This shooting imbalance exists because the Nets pass 19 times more than the Bucks, and Milwaukee allowed 10 more offensive rebounds in these games. So Nash continued with the second round and focused on the safety of the ball and attention on the safety glass. After two games, it was the Nets. They shot 7 more goals and lost 14 times.

The opportunity point of the first game, the Nets reversed this important number 15-11 in the second game. Brooklyn also implemented a textbook defensive plan for Yannis Antetokounmpo, pulling back to get him to shoot from the side, and taunting him by forcing him to attack when he entered. The Nets did not charge, but the contact seemed to make Antetokounmpo more cautious; only 2 consecutive hits out of 10 free throws from the free throw line.

But perhaps more important than any strategy, Nash focused on his team and was ready There was no Harden in the second game, as the coaches after Harden did. In the first minute of the first game, Nash told the players not to feel sorry for themselves. Brooklyn ran all over Milwaukee on Monday night of the first quarter.

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