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Dragrace Season 12- Who All are There In the Next Season?

Season 12 of drag race is all set for its making. The fans have been waiting for its release for a very long. The producers this time have come up with twisted outrages and some unique ideas. Here is the cast reveal of season 12.

From Georgia’s rural areas, Aiden Shane is attracted towards the darker side of everything, say horror films.

Brita, from New York City. Well, almost everyone from New York city knows her well. That is because this hard-working queen has made a huge fan base with her lip-sync.

Cristine, from Springfield, Missouri. The only thing that crystal wants and is addicted to is attention. Well, she never fails to get some with her humor, quirky fashion, and makeup skills.

Dahlia Sin, from Los Angeles, California. Originally from Brooklyn. Now living in LA and wowing her fans with her urban brand of sexiness.

Gigi Goode, from Los Angeles, California. The fashion queen is only of age 21 but still gives a tough competition in social fan following. This gorgeous model comes to life to make her social media fans stan.

Heidi N Closet, from Ramseur, northern Carolina. It is a small country town in the north part of Carolina. Her infectious person makes sure to give her a global name and make her an exception through the world.

Jackie cox, from New York City, New York. There is a Persian princess in the drag race season 12. Born in Canada and raised with Iranian heritage, I now live in New York City, NY.

Jaida essence hall, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jaida always strives and gives her best to be the most glamourous one. Initially, she wanted to be a fashion designer and now, being a model lives her dream.

Jan, from New York City, NY. She is a skilled singer and a musical theatre queen.

Nicky doll, from bey York City, NY. The very first French contestant to compete in the drag race competition.

Rock M Sakura, from san Francisco, California. Her aesthetic is an adaptation of anime, manga, and everything pink.

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