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Finding Nemo: Is There a Part 3 Of the Movie?



To be exact, there have been 13 whole years when the first part of Finding Nemo was released in theatres for fans. As the movie got immense love from the audience and not just the adult ones, but the film made a whole different fan base around the children. Since the first release of it, fans have been waiting and hoping for the movie’s sequel. Well, then, after a whole span of 13 years, fans got the second part of the film, which was named finding dory. The story of the movie’s sequel is quite the same, too, and is about finding a tiny tang fist named dory. As the second part of the film was also a massive hit for the box office, the movie’s production company is now looking for a third party. To be exact, Pixar’s production company is yet to make any announcement relating to the next part of finding Nemo after finding dory. But if we look at the fans’ buzz for the last two parts of the movie, it seems like there will be the next part very soon.

Part 3 of the movie

Pixar announced its lineup of films through 2019. Out of those five movies that ate yet to be released, four of them are the sequels of previous movies— One is the toy story, the other is the Incredibles 3, the other one cars 3, and then there is finding dory. And now that we know that all these sequels are planned, it is good to say that Pixar is all set for the sequel row. Except for Toy Story 2 and Cars 2, most Pixar sequels have been released long after the movie series’s last movie. Toy Story 3 was released 11 years after Toy Story 2, and by the time The Incredibles 2 is released in 2019, it will have been 15 years since the original hit theaters. It gives a certain level of hope and assumptions for releasing the third part of the Finding Nemo movie after finding dory.

However, after two movies continuously based on the same theme of finding, it is pretty expected that the piece of the third part would be different.

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