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How Did Ted Williams Die?

Theodore Samuel Williams was an American baseball player and a manager. He played his entire career of 19 years in a major baseball league. However, his career was interrupted by military affairs during world war II and the Korean war. Ted was born and raised in San Diego; he played baseball during his entire youth. He followed this up by winning his first Triple Crown in 1942. Williams was required to interrupt his baseball career in 1943 to serve three years in the United States Navy and Marine Corps during World War II. Upon returning to MLB in 1946, Williams won his first AL MVP Award and played in his only World Series. In 1947, he won his second Triple Crown. Williams was returned to active military duty for portions of the 1952 and 1953 seasons to serve as a Marine combat aviator in the Korean War. In 1957 and 1958, at the ages of 39 and 40, he was the AL batting champion for the fifth and sixth time.

Quick facts about ted

Born- August 30, 1918

Died- July 5, 2002 (aged 83)

MLB debut- 1939 for Boston red sox

Last MLB appearance- 1960 for Boston red sox

Teams- as a player- Boston red sox. As a manager- Washington senators/Texas rangers.

Induction- 1966

The early life of ted

Ted Williams was born on 30 August in the year 1918, as mentioned above. He was born and raised in San Diego. He was named Theodore after the former president Theodore Roosevelt as well as his father. He later made amendments in his birth certificates as he said his middle name was from his maternal uncle, who was killed in world war I.  His father was a soldier, a sheriff, a photographer from New York. At the same time, his mother was a Spanish-Mexican-American living in Texas. Ted resented her mother from working for so long hours in the salvation army.


In the last years of his life, ted suffered from cardiomyopathy. He also went through open-heart surgery in the year 2001. After suffering from a series of strokes, he died of cardiac arrest at 83 in 2002 in Florida.

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