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How is The Response for the Season 6 of Walking Dead?


The sixth season of fear of walking dead is an American horror and drama television series which was initially premiered on 11 October in the year 2020, and the season will conclude on 6 June in the year 2021. This series is a companion series of walking dead, which is based on a comic book. The storyline of the season is followed by the theme in which Morgan is left by Virginia for dead, while Virginia also separates the remaining members of the group. The season also follows multiple time jumps, which makes it more exciting and worth watching.

Filming and writing of the season

The filming of the series began in December of the year 2019 in Texas. It was initially told that Zoe collect would join the whole cast in the sixth season playing the role of Dakota. However, before the series, the show has completed half of the filming before the shutdown. And as per the reports, the production was started again from late August in the year 2020.

Critic’s response for the series

As per the previous two seasons, where they received mixed to negative reviews, the sixth season has received pretty positive reviews. Talking of the official site, on rotten tomatoes, the series has got a rating of 86%, which is based on seven total reviews. Speaking of a scale of 10, the series has got a rating of 7/10 on the scale. After getting the mixed to negative reviews for the fourth and the fifth season, it is quite a relief to get some positive reviews for the sixth season. Dalton Ross from the weekly entertainment wrote that the series has its best season to date and wrote some positive reviews for taking up different genres. Even Paul Tassi from Forbes wrote some positive points about the series and even got some fans’ positive responses. Not just this, Emily Hannemann from TV insider also noted the series’s improvements from the previous seasons and even praised the character’s development and the change in dialogue format.

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