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Huge crowd of Fans join the Milwaukee Bucks championship parade

Huge crowd of Fans join the Milwaukee Bucks championship parade

Thousands of fans lined up on the streets of downtown Milwaukee on Thursday to see their beloved Bucks in the city’s first NBA championship parade in half a century. 6 police officers on horseback riding in front of the team, passing by cheering fans, including a fire truck with hooks and ladders, sometimes honking, and open-air buses and pickups carrying Buck Stars, including the final MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue. They beat the Phoenix Suns in the 6th game on Tuesday night to win the celebration and the trophy.

The fans were heard singing “Bucks at 6”. This is a strange but very popular rally. It originated in 2013 when a former Bucks player, unfortunately, predicted that the team would eventually become the champion team.

Antetokounmpo held his one-year-old son Liam on the bus, and fans along the way chanted “MVP!” Later he threw a basketball at the crowd.
“It unites this city and brings them to the world stage,” he said. “This is great for this city and the state. It just brings everyone together to celebrate something that has never happened in the past 50 years.”

Milwaukee has long been considered one of the most remote cities in the United States. Team chairman Peter Feigin called this place the “most isolated and racist place” he had seen in 2016. Huge crowd gathered in the deer district to watch the Bucks on big TV screen. Diversity has encouraged some people.

The development of the team has rejuvenated this Midwestern city far away from more popular NBA locations such as Los Angeles, Boston, or Miami, and is traditionally considered to be easier to attract the most popular in the sport. One of the reasons why fans accepted Antetokounmpo is because of his dedication to the team that chose him eight years ago when he was 18.

Police estimate that in the sixth game on Tuesday night, there were approximately 100,000 people who have blocked the deer district. Although the coronavirus pandemic has been declining slowly, the level of cases in Wisconsin and Milwaukee counties are still listed as high by the state, and the county’s new cases have increased about three times a day in the past two weeks, reaching 80 cases per day.

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