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Injuries of these stars are changing the face of the NBA season

Injuries changing the face of NBA season

According to research by the Elias Sports Bureau, you may have seen statistics so far that there are more All-Star players who missed the NBA playoffs (8 times) than any other record, 6 times than before. There are many other records recorded. Impact injuries are unique in the playoffs, whether it is those who played despite their injuries (including runners-up Joel Embiid and former champion James Harden) or players who hope to return soon (All-Star Mike Conley and Kyrie Irving) and so on.

His future status is still uncertain (led by Kawhi Leonard, who is arguably the most valuable player in the playoffs). Injury news is dominated this week and throughout the playoffs. The entire NBA territory, the method used to analyze playoff injuries is that players who play an average of 25 minutes or more per playoff game (or in the regular season if they miss the entire playoff game due to injury).

In the past five years, there have been more injuries than almost any other match. The injury distribution is slightly different from last year’s resumption of the game in the bubble, which is the benchmark for the current regular players to lose the game in 2020. Most of these injuries occurred before the start of the 12-man playoffs and their teams lost in the playoffs, including Irving and Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Ben Simmons.

In the regular season, the stars of the league made the playoffs relatively well. Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics is the only All-Star player to miss the entire playoffs due to injury. Donovan Mitchell also missed the first game before being allowed to return due to a sprained ankle. There are already 10 players who have played at least 25 minutes per game and have missed at least one game due to playoff injuries. There have been two more playoff games in 2017 than last year, and this group does not include the Bucks’ injured starter Donte Di Vincenzo and 76ers Danny Green, who have just reached the minute mark in the games.

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