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J.R. Smith, a former NBA guard, has finally shared details about his infamous decision to throw soup on Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Damon Jones in 2018. Smith appeared on “The Old Man and the Three” podcast with retired NBA player JJ Redick, where he opened up about the incident and even recalled the specific kind of soup he threw.

Smith explained that although Jones is a “good guy,” he had a tendency to keep “playing” with those around him, even when someone was not in the mood for pranks. “Damon Jones is my guy,” said Smith, “I love D-Jones — But he has a knack for playing too much … And for me, if I’m telling you I’m not in the mood right now … I had some stuff going on at home. I wasn’t playing well. I’m like, ‘Not right now.’”

Smith added that Jones began bothering him in the lunch area, and his decision to throw the soup was well thought out. “Sure enough I’m in the lunch room getting my soup and [Jones] comes in… Mind you, the soup was hot. I’m like the first person in there. He’s like, trying to make me spill it. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a second because I actually thought about it,” Smith noted.

“It wasn’t like a rageful throw. It was like, ‘O.K., you’re playing with me. I know you’re playing with me. I’m gonna show you.’ And I threw it on him. And he’s over there screaming because that s— is hot. I’m like, ‘See, you wanna stop playing now with me? You wanna stop playing?'”

Smith revealed that the bowl he threw at Jones contained chicken tortilla soup, which he described as one of his favourites. He even clarified that the soup was tomato-based, not cream-based when Redick asked him about it during the podcast.

According to Smith, Jones approached him the following day and offered an apology. The Cavs ultimately decided to suspend Smith for one game. Smith stated that the organization had to punish him because of the public fallout. “A lot of it is like, it gets out, so the team feels like they have to do something about it,” Smith said.

Smith last played for the Lakers in 2020, the same year he won his second championship. The story of the soup-throwing incident has since become a popular topic among fans and analysts, with many curious about the details surrounding the event. Smith’s recent appearance on the podcast has shed light on what really happened and provided fans with a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes drama that can unfold in the NBA.

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