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Jayson Tatum scores 50 points for Celtics as they claim 7th seed

Bradley Beal had seen Jayson Tatum’s outstanding performance on the basketball court since he was a child in St. Louis, but after scoring 50 points, Tatum led the Boston Celtics to defeat the Beal’s Washington Wizards on Tuesday to a 118-100 victory.

On Saturday night, in the first round of the NBA playoffs Boston got the seventh seed and saturday night game with the Boston Brooklyn Nets, Beal said the Wizards could not stop him. This was the third time in six weeks that he scored 50 points, hit 17 of 17 from the foul line in 41 minutes, got 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks and it also includes the 23 points charge in the third quarter.

When the Celtics split 20-4 in the second half, Tatum almost single-handedly surpassed the Wizards (26-23). The rest of the first half turned the Wizards’ 8-point lead into a 16-point buffer for Boston with a score of 10-4. And even though the Wizard was a little convulsed at the beginning of the final fourth round, they returned to the game.

The Celtics got an answer every time, usually Tatum or Kemba Walker. He himself scored an impressive 29 points to help Boston fix a meet with Brooklyn and long-time friend Kyrie Irving. For the Celtics, this is a difficult season, due to injuries and COVID-19, facing the ever-changing doors of players coming and going.

These included game star Jaylen Brown, who missed the remainder of the season after undergoing wrist surgery last week, but the game on Tuesday night is reminiscent of what Boston has adapted to. In the past four seasons, their performance has been outstanding. However, there is only a moment between this season. This is why the Celtics got in the play-in in the first place, and why despite their talent and recent pedigree it’ll be difficult with the excellent Nets in the playoffs, they will still enter the first round as a underdog.

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