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Lonzo Ball lives up to expectations against Golden State Warriors

New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson said he received a text message from point guard Lonzo Ball after losing to the Golden State Warriors on Monday night. Go to New Orleans. This is one of the worst games in his career. During a day off, Ball responded.

His career record was 33 points and 18-foot rebounds, giving New Orleans a 25.3 second lead. Then he made four free throws and the Pelicans scored 108 points. 103. Defeat the Warriors on Tuesday night. This marks the third time Ball has reached his peak in his career. He scored a record victory in Saturday’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, but a night of shooting between two 33-point attempts made him frustrated after the final round.

The ball scored 11 points and fell three. He made four three-pointers in the first quarter. According to statistics from ESPN Stats & Information, he also completed the game brilliantly, scoring 12 points in the fourth quarter and finishing third in the closing phase. The score in the fourth quarter was 3:18 in the final. He hit two three-pointers and scored: 95 at 3:18, 98 at 2:13 to go, and then added a backward jump to take the lead.

It has increased its seasonal percentage to 80.0%, which is a big improvement for those who played at 41.7% from the Los Angeles Lakers two seasons ago. After Ball delayed the Pelicans twice, Williamson came up with one of the best plays, Stephen Curry’s attempts a three-pointer hit and misses, Warriors guard Michal Mulder (Michal Mulder) jumped, but Williamson threw the ball back, intercepted the ball near the center point mark and moved to Draymond Green and took a foul that was judged clear path, since Ball was integrating away for a layup on the opposite side of the court. Williamson made two free throws and Ball hit his lead, extending the lead to six points (14.6 seconds).

The victory kept the Pelicans alive when they tried to compete in the Western Conference.

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