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Milwaukee Bucks defeat Miami Heat by a huge difference

Bucks defeat Miami Heat

After losing the long coronation night of the Miami Heat in Game 1, the Milwaukee Bucks won 132-98 at the Fiserv Forum in Game 2, and dropped to the intermediate level impressively. In the historic first quarter, they controlled almost every aspect of the game. Their 10 three-point baskets are the NBA record of most 3 pointers in the quarter, and the 26-point lead is the highest since the first quarter in playoff history.

Guard Bryn Forbes is the catalyst for long-range offense. It wasn’t until the first quarter that the shooting reserve basketed five of the six 3-pointers he attempted. He finished the night with 22 points, including 6 of the 3 points.

Forbes guarding the Bucks outside, Giannis Antetokunmpo checked the inside lines and converted 6 dunks, making an effective effort. That night, 12 of the 23 field goals scored 31 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 interceptions in 31 minutes. When the game exceeded expectations in the third quarter, Antetokunmpo played basketball with his foot nine times during the stoppage of the game, which made fans admire his football skills.

Forbes pointed out that the Bucks’ offensive explosion is largely driven by their defense. In the first two games of the series, Milwaukee’s defensive score was only 100.4, blocking Miami in the midfield and transition period. These defensive stops ignited the Bucks and ultimately resulted in a profound blow to the retreating Heats defense system.

When forwards Jimmy Butler and greats Bam Adebayo had their second unforgettable game in a row, Miami’s defeat underscored their offensive power. Butler now scored 8 of the 32 field in the series, for a total of 27 points, and Adebayo now scored 9 of the 26 points for a total of 25 points. Neither of them found a way to fight the current guard of the year Antetokunmpo, NBA defense second team’s Brook Lopez and the Bucks plan that the players used precisely.

On Thursday night in Miami, the Heat will play against the Bucks in Game 3 in an attempt to win the first game of the series.

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