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NBA: Lakers face another loss, Nets can slip to No. 3

With the addition of starting games in the 2021 NBA playoffs, the seed battle is more difficult and important than ever, because almost all subsequent games after the season will bring dire consequences. Thursday night’s game and what the final result is. Let’s see which games will be played after the season ends today: the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers will meet for the last time in the regular season, but Anthony Davis has withdrawn from the game.

According to the Lakers, in the first half of the year, this situation needs to be evaluated before they can be disqualified for post cramps. The center superstar only played 9 minutes, scored 4 points and a rebound, and then left. Before the playoffs or tournaments, the Lakers must make Davis and LeBron James shine. Without James, Dennis Schroeder and Taron Horton-Tucker, the Lakers were defeated by the Clippers at Staples Center 118-94. Davis said that his right ankle seemed to be good, but his back was blocked.

The Lakers defeated Portland 37:29 and ranked sixth in the Western Conference. The two teams faced each other in the crucial deciding game on Friday. Of course, the loser will end in a terrible seventh place, which means he will enter the game. After losing the game on Thursday, the Lakers’ game chances increased from 31% to 37%. Compliant with BPI.

However, right now, the Lakers’ fragile health status is crucial. Whether in the game or in the top six, if Davis and James are unhealthy, the defending champion will not have much time in the playoffs. On the other hand, the Clippers spent a quiet night, but they were not far from the adventure. While battling the Denver Nuggets (which owns the tiebreaker between the teams) for third place in the Western Conference, the Clippers’ biggest challenge is to improve their chemistry and pace before the playoffs.

The injuries of Kawhi Leonard, Patrick Beverly and Serge Ibaki have left the Clippers in a long-term instability. Coach Tai Liu has not only Continuity must be maintained in the team, and the best lineup and rotation must be determined before the playoffs. Leonard is slowly entering the playoffs. In his third game, he completed the game with 15 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, but there was no minute limit due to leg problems.

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