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Philadelphia at East’s top, Wizards grab play-in spot: NBA

With the addition of limited games in the 2021 NBA playoffs, the seed battle is crazier than ever, and more important than ever, because almost all subsequent games are produced in the playoffs Had a significant impact. By defeating the Magic on Friday, the 76ers gained a field advantage in the Eastern Conference playoffs and, perhaps most importantly, placed themselves on the other side of the grid. And money.

This marks that since 2001, Allen Iverson led them into the playoffs and into the NBA Finals against the Lakers. Who will play Philadelphia in the first round of the game will be determined during the play-in game, the Celtics, Hornets, Pacers and Wizards for eighth seed. The first place is important for these six teams, but it is not necessarily the goal, and coach Doc Rivers underestimated its importance earlier this week.

After defeating the Cavaliers, the Washington Wizards ranked final in the Eastern Conference, won at least one top ten seed, and eliminated the Chicago Bulls. On April 5th, they were 17-32 and were on the verge of elimination from the Eastern Conference playoffs. Since then, they have played a 16-6 record, won seven games in a row, and entered the top 10.

There are more ways to play games. After all, the Wizards ranked eighth and ninth in the Hornets and Pacers game. The difference between the 8th and the 9th is huge, and it has clearly changed from a possible one victory game to two defeats that will eliminate the losing team.

Guess what? The Wizards will end the regular season against the Hornets on Sunday. And at the end there game between the Pacers and the Lakers (which is almost a mandatory victory for the L.A. Lakers), Wizards are tied with the Pacers. If Washington wins and the Lakers beat Indiana, the Pacers will lead. Thanks to the 2-1 draw, Hornets have higher position than the Wizards, but if the Hornets lose, there will be a massive seeded game between Washington and Charlotte.

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