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Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot tested positive for COVID-19

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has tried positive for COVID-19 with extremely gentle indications, he tweeted on Thursday evening.

This evening I finished my Covid test which came positive. I have exceptionally gentle manifestations and no different issues. Every one individuals who interacted with me are mentioned to confine themselves and finish their Covid test,’ Gehlot tweeted.

This is the second time that the 70-year-old pioneer has been contaminated with the infection. As of late his child Vaibhav Gehlot has likewise been tried positive for Covid. The central clergyman asked individuals to follow all wellbeing conventions, in a progression of tweets.

As indicated by the specialists, one reason for the issue connected with the conduit blockage I had in August, 2021 is additionally the post-Covid issues. Thusly, acting over the top with Omicron, follow the Covid convention and get the two portions of the antibody,’ Gehlot said.

He said that post-Covid issues can incorporate asthma, regular cerebral pains, lung illnesses, kidney issues and even coronary illness. He likewise cautioned with regards to the Omicron variation of the Covid. ‘There is a conviction among the overall population that the Omicron variation of Corona isn’t deadly, so individuals are being thoughtless. Specialists are of the assessment that post-Covid issues after recuperation from Omicron can be just about as extreme as the previous variations,’ he said.