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Should plastic be banned?

In light of the growing evidence of the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, some people believe that it should be banned. Plastic is made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, and its production and disposal contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. It also takes centuries to break down in the environment, meaning that the plastic we use today will still be around long after we’re gone.

Plastic pollution is a major problem, particularly in the ocean. An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean each year, where it does serious damage to marine life. Turtles, for example, often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them, which can block their digestive tracts and lead to death.

Plastic also absorbs toxins from the environment, which can then be consumed by animals that eat it. These toxins can build up in the food chain, eventually ending up on our plates.

So, should plastic be banned? There’s no easy answer, but it’s clear that the way we use plastic needs to change. We need to reduce our reliance on it and find ways to recycle and reuse it more effectively.