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Star Boyz: What is the Series About?

Star boyz is a comical series where there bots from the southern part of the earth from the federation travel space using a spaceship. However, they have no particular mission in their mind, from being a Kannada-speaking space boy who also mixes Malayalam in every conversation. There are two very famous entries in Bangalore. The series is the best hilarious science fiction web series for someone who is south Indian and living in Bangalore. This is just like the creators of the web series. The series has taken its huge inspiration from the movie named star wars, and the series has a yellow color transcript before the start of any series. The series has many different planets in it, and just like the inspirational movie, it has the same name. However, This is a comical one with science-fictional effects in it. Talking about the series more, The StarBoyz have two main enemies- the Chaats (Which is a satire on North Indians) and the Kebabs.

About the Episodes of the series

Episode 1 is where they encounter Raj Kachori and annihilate him with the Dai Guns, it is basically entertaining the scenario to see how the StarBoyz try to converse with him, and as usual, they say the only line they know “Pani puri mein extra sweet dana,” which is a hilarious take on the communication barrier in Bangalore between the Hindi and non-Hindi speakers. Then comes episode 2, where they encounter kebab for the first time, and before that, Kenny and Naveen encounter a very humorous and interesting argument. The specialty of the kebabs is that they communicate by only using the word kebab. The last episode, the sixth one, is the episode where the man crashes the ship, and now they are stuck in a desert. Every episode of the series is funny and hilarious in its own unique way. The series is a full package of hilarious episodes, visual effects, and amazing editing. The series has an absolutely hilarious theme along with a south Indian closing theme.

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