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The expendables 4: is the original cast back?

The expendables are an American extended action and thriller movie series. The very first part of the expendables came in the year 2010 while the second one in the year 2012 and the third part in the year 2014; they all came in the span of two years gap but here we are in the year 2021, and there is still no update about the expendables 4.

Talking of the movie’s cast, which is one of the reasons that the fourth part is still not released. The movie has a huge design cast, but still, there are certain characters without whom the movie cannot be taken further. Initially, In the year 2016, it was announced that the fourth part of the expendables would be the last part with Sylvester stallon, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger, where all are expected to return.

But unfortunately, in the early 2017s, sly dropped out of the movie because, as per the news, he could not find any grounds and interest of common with the producer. This is also somehow why the producer terry crews would not return for the making of expendables 4. Then Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the late 2017s only that he won’t be performing in the movie if sly would not be there, so he dropped. Leaving very little hope for expendables 4.

Then in the early 2018s sly came back with a renewed hope, and in May of the same year, it looked like the movie is officially back on and started for its filming. In March of the year 2019, Sylvester posted a throwback picture of the movie, and the fans all pumped even more for expendables 2.

Well, Randy was right. It is not that easy to get a movie that big off the charts. We see some hopes for the production of the movie in the spring of 2020. And with the production started, there will be a release of the movie soon with our favorite cast back on the sets. For now, let’s wait for any further information and announcements.

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