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The Horror Film: Black Water and What’s The Real Story Behind It?

black water

This is an Australian horror film released in the year 2007. It was written and directed by Andrew Traucki and David Nerlich. The film is an international co-production of Australian and United Kingdom is set in the mangrove swamps of the northern part of Australia. The movie is inspired by a true story of a crocodile attack in Australia’s Northern Territory in December 2003. There, a pregnant woman, along with her boyfriend and her sister, takes a boat tour to the mangrove swamp, where they got terrorized by a ferocious crocodile of saltwater.

Quick facts about the movie

Directed by- David nerlich, andrew traucki

Produced by- David Nerlich, Michael Robertson, and Andrew

Written by- David Nerlich and Andrew traucki

starring- Diana Glenn, Maeve Dermody, and Andy Rodereda

Music by- Rafael May

Cinematography by- john Bighins

Release date- 3 august 2007 (Nuremberg fantasy Filmfest), 22 February 2008 (united kingdom), 24 April 2008 (Australia)

Running time- 89 minutes

Countries- Australia and the united kingdom

Languages available in- English

Box office collection- $1,271,556

The plot of the movie

The movie is followed by the story in which grace, her husband adam, and her younger sister lee decide to visit a crocodile show on their vacation. And the next day, they head to the mangrove swamps for some fishing. Then, after failing to find any fish on their route, Jim suggests moving a little deeper. Moving ahead, suddenly the boat capsizes, which dumps the occupants into the water, this kills Jim on the very spot, and due to some reason, his body floats away. Soo, adam realizes that there is a crocodile attack and takes grace to a nearby tree.

On the other hand, Lee gets tangled up in the rope under the boat, and adam searches for her. She soon rescues herself and reaches to the tree too. They stay on the tree for some days because of the beast swimming in the water. Meanwhile, adam is killed by the crocodile. At last, with lee’s cleverness and bravery, the beast is killed, and her sister rides back to their place.


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