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The Walking dead- is there a season renewal?

The walking dead is a very famous American series that is a post- Apocalyptic horror and television-based show. The show is basically based on a comic book series having the same name. The series features a large cast of survivors of a zombie apocalypse who are constantly trying to stay alive from the attacks of zombies known as the walkers. However, having there no humanity left, these survivors face problems and conflicts from the other survivors, who have formed their individual groups with their own morals and rules, which eventually leads to conflicts.

Here are some quick facts about the show

Genre-  Horror, serial drama, and zombie apocalypse

Based on- novel The walking dead

Developed by- Frank Darabont

Music by- Bear McCreary

Original language- English

Country- United States

Number of episodes- 151

Number of seasons- 10

Running time of each episode- 41- 67 minutes

Original release- October 31, 2010

In the United States, the series was aired on the channel AMC, and around the world, it was available on the Fox network group. The series had its premiere on 31 October in the year 2010. The last season which is the tenth season of the show had its premiere on 6 October of 2019. Now the show has its season renewal for the eleventh season, which will be the show’s last season. The AMC has also made another show out of this one named fear of the walking dead that had its premiere on 23 August of 2015, and the show is currently broadcasting its sixth season. Well, that’s not it. There is another spin-off from the series, a two-season limited series named the walking dead: the world beyond. The series had its premiere on 4 October of the year 2020. And in the same year only, two more spin-offs were announced by the AMC from the series. The walking dead is produced by AMC production, and the show is produced in Georgia’s states. The series has been adapted from the comic book of the same name by Frank Darabont.

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