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WhatsApp’s multi-device feature is now available!

WhatsApp's multi-device feature is now available!

WhatsApp has started handing out its long-awaited multi-device capability to Android and iOS users. The functionality will allow the attachment of a secondary device to a phone without the need for an Internet connection.

The upgrade will allow simultaneous WhatsApp access on up to four devices to send and receive messages. even if phones are not connected to the Internet. The upgrade will be especially useful if you use WhatsApp on a Mac or desktop computer.

After months of internal testing, the Meta-owned messaging app launched the functionality in July. End-to-end encryption for chats on the secondary device is also possible thanks to the multi-device capability. This would prevent WhatsApp or a third party from reading the conversations.

WhatsApp’s standalone support feature eliminates the need for users to be near their phones in order to send or receive messages on the secondary device. Users will be able to stay connected even if their phones run out of battery power. Connect the primary device to the internet to log into a secondary device.

WhatsApp's multi-device feature is now available!

Installing the newest version of WhatsApp is for those who wish to test the multi-device capabilities. The feature is present in the “beta” stage, which means it may have some stability difficulties.

WhatsApp’s multi-device capability currently restricts to Portal, Desktop, and WhatsApp Web. The multi-device compatibility, on the other hand, allows connecting Android tablets and iPads.

Users may test out the new functionality by visiting WhatsApp’s Settings, then Linked Devices, then Multi-Device Beta. After that, go to the Linked Devices tab and touch the ‘Link a Device’ button to add a new device by scanning a QR code on the secondary device.

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