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Who was luke Skywalker?

Basically, luke Skywalker is nothing but a fictional character. He is the main protagonist of the original film in a trilogy of the movie star wars, a franchise by George Lucas. For the first time, Luke appeared in the star wars in the year 1977, then he returned in the movie the empire strikes back in the year 1980, and then in the movie return of Jedi in the year 1983.

Here are some quick facts about Luke Skywalker

First appearance- star wars in the year 1977

Created by- George Lucas

Gender- male

Occupation- farmer

Spouse- mara jade

Children- ben Skywalker

Originally a farmer on Tatooine who is living with his uncle and aunt. Luke becomes a pivotal figure soon in the Rebel alliance’s struggle, which was against the Galactic empire. Luke trains to be a Jedi under the Jedi master obi-wan Kenobi and the Yoda, and then he rebuilds the Jedi order on its own. At the end of the film, Luke and Leia’s spirits give Rey their blessings to adopt the surname of skywalker and continue the legacy of their family.

Reception of Luke Skywalker

In 2015, Luke Skywalker was selected by Empire magazine as the 50th greatest movie character of all time. The empire, too, ranked him as the third greatest character of the star wars series. Apart from this, luke was also on the ballot for the American film institute’s 100 years…100 heroes and the villains. This was one of the most famous American ballot series on the list of their 100 greatest fictional characters, ranked luke at the very number 14.

Skywalker remains the icon in the American film industry. In fact, luke Skywalker is often still used by some child psychotherapists to help children project their thoughts and in a stage of being in the way of some understandable thoughts in not just in the child but also in the therapists too. Children are taught in the way of behavior the way Luke was. Well, from this, we can say how inspirational luke was.


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