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Will There Be a Next Season of Mirai Nikki?

Mirai Nikki is a very famous anime show; basically, it can be watched by anyone who is not into any form of graphic nudity or any violence. The show’s story is fascinating, and the way it has been portrayed is very intriguing for the audience and is obviously loved by them. The main part about this anime that makes it totally different from any other show is how subtly the characters take the protagonists’ place. The form in which the story is being told in the show is very bold and very loud at the same time, which is also complimented at some famous events and is also the main cause of the show for receiving such good ratings. In all aspects, the show turns out to be everything but boring.

Season 1 of Merai Nikki was broadcasted on 9 October in 2011, and the season was concluded on April 15 in the very next year, 2012. The total number of episodes in the series is 26. This all was followed by the sequel of the series named Mirai Nikki: Redial; this sequel was released on June 19 in 2019. The show’s maker has said that they never planned season 2 of the series, but some unanswered questions in the conclusion of the series and the immense love the show got from the fans made them create the show’s sequel.

Though the fans are still hoping for the release of season 2 as there are still some unanswered questions left in the sequel, too, however the possibilities of the release of the season2 of Merai Nikki as there is still no announcement about it. But the fans are assuming the release of the next season could be anytime between the years 2021 or 2022. As it is a Japanese anime series, the English dub of the series can be found on Funimation and Crunchyroll. After the release, the series was made available worldwide too and got high ratings from everywhere.

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