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Will There be a Season 4 of Kuroku No Basket??


Kuruko no basket is an anime sports-based show. The show has already set the bar very high for another anime shows with its initial episodes only. As the name says, the show is based on basketball players and the tournaments. Fans got to see some unique and crazy games of basketball from the third season itself. Well, let us tell you that what makes this anime show wholly different from other anime shows or any exhibit is most of the shows only focuses on the technicality of the game or are single-minded only but kuroku no basket is a whole mixture of drama, games, exciting moments and lots of fun and this has made fans go crazy about the show. Because a bit of a pinch of drama everyone needs, this makes them stick to the show. But in this show, you will see a balance between every single element.

Well talking about the story of the show, the show does not follow a single subject instead there are two different plots in the show. One of them is the relationship between the team players who are either playing for the same team or are on the opposite sides, and the other one is mainly about the game itself and the strategies included in the game. In simpler words, this show is the best and a whole package for those who are a anime fan, loves sports and needs a little drama too. This is the reason for those who have already watched the previous seasons are really excited and looking forward for the release of next season soon.

Season 4 of kuroku no basket

Well the very first season of the show was broadcasted in the year 2012 and concluded in the same year only. As the first season was a big hit, it made the producers informed another season of the show which released in the year 2013 and concluded in the year 2014. This time too, it was a great success for the show makers, and they again made another season which was released in the year 2015 and concluded the same year only—and moving towards fan’s favor and their desires that a movie named- kuroku no basket-4 was released in the year 2017. Well as of now chances for season 4 are pretty less because the manga series is said to be complete with the release of its last movie. Let’s hope for the next season too but lets be clear that the chances are low.

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