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‘XFL sells the league to agencies in an attempt to combat the USFL’

According to our sources, the XFL had a virtual gathering of agents Monday night to sell them on the league’s intentions for 2023 and beyond as part of its attempts to counteract the reintroduction of the USFL to the field

Marc Ross, Doug Whaley, and Russ Giglio, the XFL’s leading football executives, informed agents that the XFL would provide greater compensation and benefits than the USFL. According to an internal meeting summary acquired by our source, Ross, Whaley, and Giglio also recommended that the XFL’s season schedule, which would begin in February and finish in May, would be more “advantageous” for players who wish to garner subsequent consideration from NFL teams.

Players in the USFL earn $4,500 per week plus bonuses if their team wins. XFL compensation will be greater, according to Ross and Whaley, and will cover complete lodging and meal expenditures during the season. Each of the XFL’s eight clubs will have 70-man rosters, with 45 active for games, resulting in 560 employment for players, which is nearly 200 more than the USFL’s existing roster limitations.

Players in the USFL signed two-year contracts, making any attempt to move leagues in 2023 more difficult. The Fox Sports-owned USFL relaunched with four games spread out over three days, each aired nationally on Fox, NBC, or one of its auxiliary networks. The league said that a projected average of 3 million viewers watched or streamed the league’s debut game on Saturday night, which was televised by Fox and NBC.

Daryl Johnston, the USFL’s executive vice president of football operations, indicated in the days leading up to the debut that the league would be “ahead of the curve” in any future battle with the XFL. Let’s suppose the product is identified on the field, which I believe will be difficult for them to equal, but how do you then distribute it to the fan? When it comes to Fox and NBC as partners, I don’t think the XFL can equal what we’ve done there in terms of being able to show the USFL on television for the fans.”

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